My radiostation needs help!

The company that Party107 trusted for years to provide music licensing/royalties has closed their business out of the blue with no advance notice. This has caused the radio stream links to become unavailable for legal reasons.

Stations like Party107 are required to pay royalties for every listener that listens to every song we play. This is true even for stations like us who make no money from operating. Music licensing and server infrastructure make up the monthly cost that it takes to keep us on the air.

Party107 ist working as quickly as possible on figuring out alternate licensing arrangements, however the current options will significantly increase our operating costs on the order of at least 3-4x more than our previous costs. This is unfortunately not sustainable without your help.

If you want to support my radiostation and Tic Tac Trance, please donate over HERE.

The result is, that my upcoming radioshow Tic Tac Trance #139 will not air live on July 13 2019 on Party107.
I make the show directly available on Soundcloud and Mixcloud for streaming. There will be no download options anymore, because of the missing licensing arrangements.

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