Currently I’m real deep into writing my diploma paper (after finishing the software programming part) and thought it would be a great time to update my personal Top5 chart again.

You can check out my Top 5 Chart of November 2008 right here!

It’s time again to choose your favorite tunes of Tic Tac Trance! You can now vote for up to 3 of your favorite tracks of the show. The winner(s) will be played in the next episode again! Unlike other shows, the winner(s) can only be part of the vote one time, that means, it will be removed from the vote of the next episode.

What are your favorites of Tic Tac Trance #011?

  • Ferry Corsten "Visions Of Blue" [Album Version] (0%)
  • Ferry Corsten "Gabriella's Sky" [Album Version] (7%)
  • Ferry Corsten "Made Of Love" [Album Version] (14%)
  • Danjo & Styles "Duende (La Vuelta)" [Danjo's Kanova Guitar Remix] (0%)
  • Ferry Corsten "Shanti" [Album Version] (21%)
  • Ferry Corsten "Twice In A Blue Moon" [Album Version] (14%)
  • C-Systems "Close My Eyes" [Lemon & Einar K Remix] (7%)
  • Adam White vs. Nat Monday "Another Dominant Force" [Another Dominant Dub] (14%)
  • Jon O'Bir feat. Emi "Do It All Again" [Activa Remix] (7%)
  • Abbott & Chambers "Where Are You" [Onova Dub] (14%)
  • Ferry Corsten "Radio Crash" [Original Extended Mix] (0%)
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    Episode 11 of Tic Tac Trance on November 8 will be a Specialedition! I decided to play some of my favorite tunes from Ferry Corsten’s new album “Twice In A Blue Moon”. And before you ask: I don’t get payed to play the tunes or to promote them, I simply do it, because I love the tracks so much! But don’t worry, I’ll also play in the first hour several new tracks which are currently very high in my favoritelist and of course the webvote winner of the previous show!

    The second hour of Tic Tac Trance #011 will feature an exclusive guestmix from Mike Saint-Jules! He’ll spin some of his favorite tunes at the moment and some surprises aswell. Make sure you’ll tune in!

    The show will start TODAY at 18 CET / 17 GMT / 12 EST. Check out your local time HERE!

    You will be able to tune in with these links:

    MP3 Stream 160kbps MP3 – iTunes/Winamp/VLC/RealPlayer/Windows Media/Other
    Ogg Vorbis Stream ~96kbps (Q2) Ogg Vorbis – Winamp/VLC/foobar2000/iTunes/Other
    Ogg Vorbis Stream ~64kbps (Q0) Ogg Vorbis – Winamp/VLC/foobar2000/iTunes/Other
    MP3 Stream 32kbps MP3 – iTunes/Winamp/VLC/RealPlayer/Windows Media/Other
    Ogg Vorbis Stream 32kbps Ogg Vorbis – Winamp/VLC/foobar2000/iTunes/Other