Tic Tac Trance Tracklists 2008

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December: Episode 12
01. Blake Jarrell “Punta Del Este” [Beach Mix] (Electronic Elements)
02. Mat Zo “Rush” [Original Mix] (Anjunabeats)
03. Sebastian Sand “Creeps” [Ronski Speed Remix] (Euphonic)
04. Ilya Soloviev & Paul Miller “Lover Summer” [Orjan Nilsen Remix] (Soundpiercing)
05. David Newsum “Spank Bank” [Activa’s Deep Mix] (Kill The Lights)
06. Starchaser feat. LO-FI Sugar “So High” [Martin Roth Remix] (Vandit Records)
07. Signum “Distant Signature” [Alternate Mix] (A State Of Trance)
08. John Askew feat. Senadee “Nothing Left Between Us” [Original Mix] (Discover)
09. ATA “Ocean Breeze” [Suncatcher’s Wavemotion Remix] (Branded Digital)
10. The Killers “Human” [Armin van Buuren Dub Remix] (Island Recordings)
11. OceanLab “Breaking Ties” [Above & Beyond Analogue Haven Mix / Martin’s Tic Tac Trance Intro Edit] (Anjunabeats / CDR)
12. Roger Shah pres. Savanah “Body Lotion” [Original Mix] (Armada Music)
13. Adam White “Chimera” [Original Mix] (Perfecto Digital)
14. Will Holland feat. Yana Kay “Tears In The Rain” [Alex M.O.R.P.H. B2B Woody van Eyden Remix] (Enhanced Recordings)
15. Ferry Corsten “Shanti” [single taken from album “Twice In A Blue Moon”] (Flashover Recordings) *Webvote Winner*
16. Rapid Eye vs. Delerium “Forever Silence” [T.A.M.A.S.’s Bootleg] (CDR)
17. Oliver Smith “Cirrus” [Original Mix] (Anjunabeats)
18. Ben Gold “Life” [Sean Tyas Remix] (Discover)
19. Samara “Verano” [Fast Distance’s Uplifting Remix] (Armada Music)
20. DJ Shah feat. Adrina Thorpe “Back To You” [Aly & Fila Remix] (Armada Music)

November: Episode 11
01. Ferry Corsten “Visions Of Blue” [single taken from album “Twice In A Blue Moon”] (Flashover Recordings)
02. Ferry Corsten “Gabriella’s Sky” [single taken from album “Twice In A Blue Moon”] (Flashover Recordings)
03. Ferry Corsten “Made Of Love” [single taken from album “Twice In A Blue Moon”] (Flashover Recordings)
04. Danjo & Styles “Duende (La Vuelta)” [Danjo’s Kanova Guitar Remix] (High Contrast Nu Breed)
05. Ferry Corsten “Shanti” [single taken from album “Twice In A Blue Moon”] (Flashover Recordings)
06. Ferry Corsten “Twice In A Blue Moon” [single taken from album “Twice In A Blue Moon”] (Flashover Recordings)
07. C-Systems “Close My Eyes” [Lemon & Einar K Remix] (DanceDP)
08. Adam White vs. Nat Monday “Another Dominant Force” [Another Dominant Dub] (Perfecto Digital)
09. Jon O’Bir feat. Emi “Do It All Again” [Activa Remix] (Vandit Digital)
10. Abbott & Chambers “Where Are You” [Onova Dub] (Alter Ego Records)
11. Singularity “A World Beyond” [Original Mix] (CDR) *Webvote Winner*
12. Ferry Corsten “Radio Crash” [Original Extended Mix] (Flashover Recordings)

GUESTMIX: Mike Saint-Jules
01. Andy Moor feat. Carrie Skipper “So Much More” [Original Mix] (AVA Recordings)
02. Sander van Doorn vs. Robbie Williams “Close My Eyes” [Club Version] (Nebula)
03. Jochen Miller “9 Minutes” [Original Mix] (High Contrast Recordings)
04. Heatbeat “Paradise Garage” [Piano Mix] (Soundpiercing)
05. ID “ID” (CDR)
06. 8 Wonders “The Return” [Original Mix] (ASOT)
07. Midway “Monkey Forest” [Jonas Stenberg Remix] (In Trance We Trust)
08. Leon Bolier “Ye” [Airbase Remix] (2 Play Records)
09. Airbase feat. Floria Ambra “Denial” [Airbase Remix] (In Trance We Trust)
10. Mirco De Govia “Vital Spark” [Original Mix] (Euphonic)

October: Episode 10
01. Chicane vs. Natasha Bedingfield “Bruised Water” [Michael Woods Full Vocal Version] (Modena Records)
02. Ferry Tayle “Revanche” [Ferry Tayle ‘Sit On The Sand’ Mix] (Camouflage)
03. Headstrong feat. Shelley Harland “Helpless” [Mike Foyle Summer Blush Mix] (Sola Records)
04. Sunlounger feat. Sara “Lost” [single taken from album “Sunny Tales”] (Armada Music)
05. Robert Vadney “Moonlight Sonata” [single taken from forthcoming album “Halloween”] (Perfecto Digital)
06. Tritonal feat. Cristina Soto “Walk With Me” [4AM Dub] (Coldharbour Recordings)
07. Leon Bolier “YE” [single taken from album “Pictures”] (2 Play Records)
08. Mr. Sam & clAud9 “Cygnes” [Original Mix] (Black Hole Recordings)
09. Outer Sunset “Feel My Magic” [Adam White’s Perfecto Remix] (Perfecto Digital)
10. Breakfast & Mike Saint-Jules “Lifepath” [Original Mix] (Flashover Recordings)
11. Coldplay “Clocks” [ATA’s ‘Tickin’ Bootleg] (CDR)
12. Armin van Buuren feat. Sharon den Adel vs. Jochen Miller “In & Out Of Connection” [Martin’s ASOT 2008 Reconstruction] (CDR)
13. Joint Operation Centre “Jetlag Dancer” [Original Mix] (Captivating Sounds)
14. Dave 202 “Pictures In My Mind” [Original Mix] (Captivating Sounds)
15. Cylum & Velden “Leyenda” [Original Mix] (Aurora Digital)
16. Adam Szabo “Altra” [Original Mix] (Fraction Zero)
17. Singularity “A World Beyond” [Original Mix] (CDR)
18. Sundriver “City Lights” [Daniel Kandi Remix] (Anjunabeats)
19. Talla 2XLC vs. Carl B feat. Katie Marne “Giving Up Giving In (Keep The Fire Burning)” [Sean Tyas Mix] (Tetsu)
20. Redstar “Long Way Home” [Original Mix] (Enhanced Recordings)
21. Filo & Peri feat. Eric Lumiere “Shine On” [Activa Remix / Martin’s Tic Tac Trance Dub] (Vandit / CDR) *Webvote Winner*

September: Episode 9
01. OceanLab “On A Good Day” [single taken from album “Sirens Of The Sea”] (Anjunabeats)
02. Immoral Monkeys “Portobello” [DJ Schultz vs. Elad Efrati Remix] (Perceptive Recordings)
03. Mungo “Under The Sea” [Sebastian Brandt’s Zela Remix] (A State Of Trance)
04. Paul van Dyk feat. Lo-Fi Sugar “Castaway” [Jon O’Bir Remix] (Vandit)
05. Tritonal “Forever” [Air Up There Mix] (Levare Recordings)
06. Kenneth Thomas vs. Airglow “The Promise” [Adam White Remix] (Perfecto Digital)
07. Ian Betts & Dan Stone “Colliding Circles” [Solar Movement Remix] (Conspiracy Recordings)
08. Reconceal “Touch Her Heart” [Michael Angelo & Jim Remix] (Inov8 Recordings)
09. Filo & Peri feat. Eric Lumiere “Shine On” [Activa Remix / Martin’s Tic Tac Trance Dub] (Vandit / CDR)
10. Paul van Dyk feat. Ryan Merchant vs. Oliver Smith “Grey Tomahawk” [Martin’s Tic Tac Trance Mashup] (CDR)
11. Daniel Kandi & Robert Nickson “Liberate” [Paul Miller Remix] (A State Of Trance)

01. ID “ID” (CDR)
02. Evbointh “Black Stones” [Original Mix] (Red Force)
03. Bart Claessen & Dave Schiemann “Madness” [I Prefer That Mix] (Anjunabeats)
04. Sean Truby “Unreal” [Original Mix] (Red Force)
05. Adam Stodtko vs Sundriver “Monique” [Redstar vs Evbointh Remix] (Red Force)
06. Ehren Stowers “Both Worlds” [The Redstar Vision] (Perceptive)
07. Dreas “Signs” [Akesson Remix] (Red Force)
08. ID “ID” [Original Mix] (Red Force)
09. Redstar “Long Way Home 2008” [Original Mix] (Enhanced)

August: Episode 8
01. Mark Sherry pres. Outburst “A Star Within A Star” [Intro Mix] (High Contrast Nu Breed)
02. Adam White “Chimera” [Intro Mix] (Perfecto Digital)¬† *Webvote Winner #1*
03. Tokio Hotel “Monsoon” [Jan Waterman Remix] (CDR)
04. Armin van Buuren feat. Sharon den Adel “In & Out Of Love” [The Blizzard Remix] (Armada Music)
05. Estiva “Strawberry Fields” [Original Mix] (Enhanced Recordings)
06. Underwater “Sleeping Under The Stars” [Original Mix] (Shah-Music Digital)
07. Super8 & Tab “Elektra” [Original Mix] (Anjunabeats)
08. Matt Cerf & Shawn Mitiska feat. Jaren “You Never Said” [Randy Boyer & Eric Tadla Mix] (Soundpiercing)
09. JES “Imagination” [Tiesto Remix] (Magik Muzik)
10. Amurai vs. Saint-Jules “Grand Prix” [Digitalis Airride Mix] (Levare Recordings)
11. Jon O’Bir “Sunrise” [Extended Version] (single taken from album “From Within”) (Vandit)
12. Heatbeat “Geek Love” [Peter Martijn Wijinia Remix] (Soundpiercing)
13. Marc Marberg with Kyau & Albert “Neo Love” [Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix] (Euphonic)
14. Oakenfold feat. Ryan Tedder of One Republic “Not Over” [Adam White Remix] (Perfecto)
15. The Fraction “Tease” [Barry Jay Remix] (Perfecto Digital)
16. LavKastor “E3” [Singularity Remix] (CDR)
17. Stefan Cambridge “All I Wanted” [Sunny LAX Remix] (Perceptive Recordings)
18. The Thrillseekers feat. Fisher “The Last Time” [Simon Bostock Remix / Martin’s Tic Tac Trance Edit] (Adjusted Music)
19. Oceania “Never Forget” [Original Mix] (Well Mixed Records)
20. Aly & Fila “Dynasty” [Original Mix] (Offshore Music)
21. OceanLab vs. Shadowrider “Blue Miracle” [T.A.M.A.S Mashup] (CDR) *Webvote Winner #2*

July: Episode 7
01. Steve Forte Rio feat. Jes “Blossom” [Lounge Mix] (Songbird)
02. DJ Shah feat. Inger Hansen “Don’t Wake Me Up” [Original Mix] (Armada Music)
03. Tritonal “Essence Of Kea” [Original Mix] (Levare Recordings)
04. Adam White “Chimera” [Original Mix] (Perfecto Digital)
05. The Thrillseekers feat. Fisher “The Last Time” [Dub Mix] (Adjusted Music)
06. Mike Nichol “Lost For Words” [Mike’s Re-edit] (ASOT)
07. OceanLab “Miracle” [Above & Beyond Club Mix] (Anjunabeats)
08. Alex M.O.R.P.H. feat. Katie Marne “Spirit” [Daniel Kandi Remix] (Vandit Digital)
09. Kiholm “Fragile” [Daniel Kandi’s Emotional Remix] (Neuroscience Recordings) *Webvote Winner*
10. Captured Sun “Inherent Condition” [Jon O’Bir Remix] (Conspiracy Recordings)
11. Arpegia & Oliver P pres. Fast Distance “Kilimanjaro” [Original Mix] (Finity Global)

GUESTMIX: Ant Attwood
01. Will B “Bittersweet” [Original Mix] (Nudepth)
02. Mallorca Lee “Change” [Original Mix] (Flux Delux Limited)
03. Invisible Sounds “Distance” [Cylum & Velden Mix] (Abora)
04. Morph & Van Eyden meet Talla 2XLC “Hybrid Harm” [Talla Mix] (Liquid)
05. Michael Dow “Badlands” [Original Mix] (Propulsion Recordings)
06. Inertia “The System” [Original Mix] (Discover)
07. Six Senses “Pulsing Colours” [Original Mix] (Bittersweet)
08. Super8 & DJ Tab “Elektra” [Original Mix] (Anjunabeats)
09. Anoikis “Nothing About You” [Original Mix] (Bittersweet)
10. Akesson “Perfect Blue” [Original Mix] (ASOT)

June: Episode 6
01. Morgan Page feat. Lissie “The Longest Road” [Andy Styles Trancy Intro Mix] (CDR)
02. David West & Orkidea “God’s Garden” [single taken from “Metaverse” album] (Ava)
03. Tiesto & Andy Duguid vs. Motorcycle “My Bright Blue Heart Morningstar” [Martin’s Tic Tac Trance Mashup] (CDR) *Webvote Winner*
04. Plastic Boy “Rise Up” [single taken from “Trancemaster 6001”] (Vision Soudcarriers)
05. Orjan Nilsen “La Guitarra” [Omnia Remix] (Armind)
06. The Doppler Effect “Beauty Hides In The Deep” [The Blizzard Remix] (ASOT)
07. Balearic Session “Flamenco Mediterraneo” [Original Mix] (Magic Island)
08. Andy Duguid feat. Leah “Wasted” [Original Mix] (Songbird)
09. DJ Eco & Martin Roth “Tonight Is Forever” [Martin Roth & Paris Nova Remix] (Lunatique)
10. Mike Saint Jules “Sunlit Clouds” [Arnej’s Open Air Mix] (Levare)
11. Blank & Jones “California Sunset” [Original Mix] (Soundcolou)
12. Orkidea “Metaverse” [Gareth Emery Remix] (Ava)
13. Cary Brothers “Ride” [Tiesto Remix] (Songbird)
14. Solarstone “Spectrum” [single taken from “Rain Stars Eternal” album] (Solaris)
15. Adam Nickey “Perfect Destiny / Part 1” [Original Mix] (Deepblue)
16. Ferry Corsten “Possession” [Original Extended Mix] (Flashover)
17. Majai “Phoria” [DJ Shah Dub Mix] (Tetsu)
18. Solarstone “4Ever” [single taken from “Rain Stars Eternal” album] (Solaris)
19. Armin van Buuren “Imagine” [single taken from “Imagine” album] (Armada)
20. Ferry Corsten “Galaxia” [Original Extended Mix] (Flashover)
21. Sundriver “Feel” [Nitrous Oxide Remix] (Red Force)
22. Inertia “The System” [Jon O’Bir Remix / single taken from “Trancemaster 6001”] (Vision Soudcarriers)
23. Masters & Nickson feat. Justine Suissa “Out There (5th Dimension)” [Daniel Kandi Bangin Mix] (Soundpiercing)
24. Nitrous Oxide “Red Moon Slide” [Original Mix] (Anjunabeats)
25. Keenan & Anderson feat. Tiff Lacey “Runaway” [Mike Nichol Vocal Remix] (Navigation)
26. Jon O’Bir vs. Oliver Smith “Ways & Nimbus” [Daniel Kandi Bootleg] (CDR)
27. Digital Nature & Onova “Inspiration” [Adam White Remix] (Create)
28. Dreas “Signs” [Akesson Remix] (Red Force)
29. Supermode “Tell Me Why” [Heatbeat Bootleg] (CDR)
30. Andy Prinz “Lost Inside The Senses” [Mark Eteson Remix] (Offshore)
31. Will B “Upgrade” [Timo Pralle Remix] (Perceptive)
32. Temple One “Aurora” [Original Mix] (Enhanced)
33. Kiholm “Fragile” [Daniel Kandi’s Emotional Remix] (Neuroscience)

May: Episode 5
01. Mike Foyle “Pandora” [The Blizzard Remix] (Armind)
02. Timmy & Tommy “Full Tiltin” [Joint Operations Centre Remix] (Full Tilt)
03. Tiesto & Andy Duguid vs. Motorcycle “My Bright Blue Heart Morningstar [Martin’s Tic Tac Trance Mashup] (CDR)
04. Sunlounger feat. Zara “Crawling” [DJ Shah Rework] (Soundpiercing)
05. Mazza & Martinelli “Enchanted” [Carl B Dub Remix] (Drizzly)
06. Alex M.O.R.P.H. “Walk The Edge” [Alex M.O.R.P.H. b2b Woody van Eyden Mix] (High Contrast)
07. Adam Nickey “Shift” [Original Mix] (Anjunabeats)
08. Robert Nickson feat. Elsa Hill “Never Again” [Nitrous Oxide Remix] (ASOT)
09. OceanLab “Sirens Of The Sea” [Above & Beyond Club Mix] (Anjunabeats) *Webvote Winner*
10. David Newsum vs. Lemon & Einar K “From Dubai With Anticipation” [Ant Attwood Mashup] (CDR)
11. Ferry Corsten “I Love You” [Original Extended Mix from L.E.F. DJ Bundle] (Flashover)

GUESTMIX: Adam White
01. ID
02. Ernesto vs. Bastian “Thrill” [Original Mix] (High Contrast)
03. ID
04. Gareth Emery “This Is That” [Original Mix] (Five AM)
05. Ferry Corsten feat. Howard Jones “Into The Dark” [Ferry Dub Fix] (Flashover)
06. Gareth Emery “More Than Anything” [Gareth Emery’s Five AM Remix] (Five AM)
07. Randy Boyer & Eric Tadla feat. Dan Sanfilippo “Alive” [Original Mix] (Flashover)
08. Adam White V Rozza “Love Angels” [Original Mix] (Emalodic)
09. Oakenfold feat. One Republic “Not Over” [Adam White Remix] (Perfecto)
10. Adam White “Chimera” [Original/Dub Mix] (Perfecto)

April: Episode 4
01. Armin van Buuren & DJ Shah feat. Chris Jones “Going Wrong” [Armin van Buuren’s Universal Religion Remix] (Armind)
02. Arnej “People Come, People Go” [Original Mix] (Pilot 6)
03. Rozza feat. Tiff Lacey “No More Rain” [Rozza’s Beached Dub] (Insatiable)
04. Alex Hentze & Dynamic Motion pres. Sundown “Sal Y Mar” [Balearic Mix] (Neuroscience)
05. Andain “Beautiful Things” [Gabriel & Dresden Unplugged Mix] (Black Hole)
06. Sunlounger “White Sand” [DJ Shah’s Original Mix] (Armada)
07. Markus Schulz feat. Dauby “Perfect” [Agnelli & Nelson Remix] (Cold Harbour)
08. DJ Shog “Feel Me (Through The Radio)” [Duderstadt Uplifting Remix] (Drizzly)
09. Stoneface & Terminal “Pictures” [Club Mix] (Euphonic)
10. Jonas Steur vs. EvB “Silent Side Of The Moon” [Martin’s 2008 Reconstruction] (CDR) *Webvote Winner*
11. Randy Boyer & Eric Tadla feat. Dan Sanfilippo “Alive” [Heatbeat Mix] (Flashover)
12. OceanLab “Sirens Of The Sea” [Above & Beyond Club Mix] (Anjunabeats)
13. Ferry Corsten “I Love You” [Original Extended Mix] (Ministry of Sound UK)
14. Solarstone “Rain Stars Eternal” [Agnelli & Nelson Remix] (Solaris)
15. Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Woody van Eyden feat. Michelle Citrin “Turn It On” [Original Mix] (Vandit)
16. Kamil Polner “Earth Protector” [7 Skies & Static Blue Remix] (Alter Ego Pure)
17. 4 Strings “Take Me Away (Into The Night)” [Re-Ward Vocal Remix] (Liquid)
18. Nish “Blue Sunshine” [Sean Tyas Remix] (Tetsuo)
19. Sunny Lax pres. Acacia “Elda” [Original Mix] (single taken from Trancemaster 6000/Vision Soudcarriers)
20. Embrace “Embrace” [Ferry Fix] (Flashover)
21. Aly & Fila “Key Of Life” [Original Mix] (single taken from Trancemaster 6000/Vision Soudcarriers)

March: Episode 3
01. Anhken “Taste” [Original Mix] (Monster Deep)
02. Ernesto vs. Bastian “Thrill” [John O’Callaghan Remix] (High Contrast)
03. Lolo “There’s Treasure Everywhere” [Original Mix] (Bonzai Trance Progressive)
04. J.O.C. “Rotterdam” [Original Mix] (Doorn Records)
05. Martin Roth & Alex Barlett “Off The World” [Gareth Emery Remix] (Vandit Records)
06. Mark Pledger vs. Matt Hardwick feat. Melinda Gareh “Fallen Tides” [Martin’s “Dub/Original” Edit] (CDR)
07. Mellomaniacs “Solarcoaster” [DJ Shah Remix] (Shah-Music Digital)
08. Hensha “The Curtain” [Underwater’s Blue Remix] (Conspiracy Recordings)
09. Boom Jinx feat. Key “Eternal Reminiscence” [Original Mix] (Anjunabeats)
10. Shadowrider “Blue Horizon” [Luke Terry Remix] (Red Force Recordings)
11. Nitrous Oxide “Waves” [Original Mix] (Anjunabeats)
12. Armin van Buuren feat. Susana “If You Should Go” [Original Mix] (Armind)
13. Paul van Dyk feat. Rea Garvey “Let Go” [Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix] (Do It Yourself)
14. Jonas Steur vs. EvB “Silent Side Of The Moon” [Martin’s 2008 Reconstruction] (CDR)
15. Hydro Aquatic “Hydrosphere” [Original Mix] (Monster Tunes)
16. Andr√© Visior & Kay Stone “Something For Your Mind” [Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix] (Breathe Music)
17. Seth Hutton feat. Judie Tzuke “Don’t Look Behind You” [Mike Shiver’s Catching Sun Remix] (Captured Music)
18. Activa “Remember” [Club Mix] (Vandit Records)
19. Greg Downey “Alpha” [Original Mix] (Vandit Digital)
20. Tom Colontonio “Paradigm Shift” [Original Mix] (Discover Records)
21. Ben Gold feat. Senadee “Say The Words” [Aly & Fila Mix] (Flux Delux)

February: Episode 2
01. Ferry Corsten feat. Howard Jones “Into The Dark” [Martin’s Intro Edit] (CDR)
02. Myon “Albion” [Original Mix] (In Trance We Trust) ***Webvote Winner***
03. Coby “Blue Sapphire” [Carl B. Remix] (Inspired Records)
04. Headstrong feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw “Love Calls” [Paul Kershaw Mix] (Sola Records)
05. Bossanova “Stonecold” [DJ Shog’s 2Faces Remix] (In-Telligence)
06. OceanLab “Sky Falls Down” [DJ Shah Remix] (Anjunabeats)
07. Dmitri Federov “Falling Of Stars” [Paul Miller Remix] (Infrasonic Recordings)
08. Beats Of Genesis vs. Legend B “Lost In Love 2K8” [Sean Tyas’ Lost In Time Mix] (Thrust Groove Records)
09. The Doppler Effect “Beauty Hides In The Deep” [John O’Callaghan Remix] (Armind)
10. Dave 202 “Louvre” [Original Mix] (Captivating Sounds)

GUESTMIX: Kyau & Albert
01. Pryda “Europa” [Original Mix] (Pryda Recordings)
02. Les Schmitz “Positive” [Original Mix] (Fresco Recordings)
03. Sasha “Mongoose” [Original Mix] (emFire)
04. Andrea Doria & LXR “Beauty Of Silence” [Inpetto Remix] (BluFin)
05. Talisman & Hudson “Leaving Planet Earth” [Dousk Remix] (Too Much Information)
06. Marc Romboy vs Gui Boratto “Eurasia” [Guis Mix] (Systematic)
07. Markus Schulz ft Departure “Cause You Know” [Nic Chagall Remix] (Cold Harbour)
08. Tiesto “Everything” [Cosmic Gate Remix] (Blackhole)
09. Lange “Songless” [Boy Hagemann Remix] (New State Music)
10. Alcatraz “Giv Me Luv” [Cedric Gervais Remix] (Yoshitoshi Recordings)
11. Marksun And Brian “Saturday” [Club Mix] (Euphonic)

January: Episode 1
01. Signalrunners “Recoil2” [Mat Zo Remix] (Ava)
02. Soliquid “Leave Me Alone” [Original Vocal Mix] (Mondo)
03. 16 Bit Lolitas vs. Motorcycle “Deep Breath Lolitas” [Dave Dresden Mashup] (CDR)
04. Jonas Steur “Level Up” [Extended Mix] (Blackhole)
05. ATB “Justify” [Adam Nickey Remx] (Kontor)
06. Hawk pres. HKN “Sun In My Eyes” [Original Mix] (Amon Vision)
07. Kirsty Hawkshaw meets Tenishia “Reasons To Forgive” [The Blizzard Remix] (Armind)
08. P.A.F.F. “There Is No Spoon” [Sonic Division Remix] (Flashover)
09. Armin van Buuren feat. Justine Suissa “Wall Of Sound” [Airbase pres. Parc Mix] (Armada)
10. Myon “Albion” [Original Mix] (In Trance We Trust)
11. Dan Stone “Road Test” [Signum Remix] (Red Force)
12. DT8 Project “Destination” [Above & Beyond Remix] (Mondo)
13. First State “Sierra Nevada” [Original Mix] (In Trance We Trust)
14. Fragma “Toca’s Miracle” [Richard Durand Remix | Martin’s “Mirakel Whip” Edit] (CDR)
15. Ascension “Someone” [Signum Vocal Remix] (Captivating Sounds)
16. Duderstadt & Kirsty Hawkshaw “Beatitude” [Store N’Forward Remix] (Afterglow)
17. Magic Wave “Galapagos” [DJ Shah & Ralph Fritsch Tribute Mix] (Shah-Music Digital)
18. Signalrunners “Electric Sheep” [Nitrous Oxide Remix] (Anjunabeats)
19. Sonorous “Last Sunday” [Frase Remix] (CDR)
20. Madonna “What It Feels Like For A Girl” [Above & Beyond 12″ Club Mix] (Warner Germany)