I finally found some time to update the Top 5 Chart page. This section features for each month my personal Top 5 trance & progressive records.

You can check out my Top 5 Chart of October 2008 right here!

It’s time again to choose your favorite tunes of Tic Tac Trance! You can now vote for up to 3 of your favorite tracks of the show. The winner(s) will be played in the next episode again! Unlike other shows, the winner(s) can only be part of the vote one time, that means, it will be removed from the vote of the next episode.

What are your favorites of Tic Tac Trance #010?

  • Chicane vs. Natasha Bedingfield "Bruised Water" [Michael Woods Full Vocal Version] (11%)
  • Ferry Tayle "Revanche" [Ferry Tayle 'Sit On The Sand' Mix] (3%)
  • Headstrong feat. Shelley Harland "Helpless" [Mike Foyle Summer Blush Mix] (5%)
  • Sunlounger feat. Sara "Lost" [single taken from album "Sunny Tales"] (3%)
  • Robert Vadney "Moonlight Sonata" [single taken from album "Halloween"] (11%)
  • Tritonal feat. Cristina Soto "Walk With Me" [4AM Dub] (0%)
  • Leon Bolier "YE" [single taken from album "Pictures"] (3%)
  • Mr. Sam & clAud9 "Cygnes" [Original Mix] (11%)
  • Outer Sunset "Feel My Magic" [Adam White's Perfecto Remix] (3%)
  • Breakfast & Mike Saint-Jules "Lifepath" [Original Mix] (3%)
  • Coldplay "Clocks" [ATA's 'Tickin' Bootleg] (0%)
  • Armin van Buuren feat. Sharon den Adel vs. Jochen Miller "In & Out Of Connection" [Martin's ASOT 2008 Reconstruction] (5%)
  • Joint Operation Centre "Jetlag Dancer" [Original Mix] (0%)
  • Dave 202 "Pictures In My Mind" [Original Mix] (5%)
  • Cylum & Velden "Leyenda" [Original Mix] (0%)
  • Adam Szabo "Altra" [Original Mix] (0%)
  • Singularity "A World Beyond" [Original Mix] (22%)
  • Sundriver "City Lights" [Daniel Kandi Remix] (0%)
  • Talla 2XLC vs. Carl B feat. Katie Marne "Giving Up Giving In (Keep The Fire Burning)" [Sean Tyas Mix] (11%)
  • Redstar "Long Way Home" [Original Mix] (5%)
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    It’s almost time again for another episode of Tic Tac Trance! Episode 10 will be broadcasted on October 11 2008 on Party107 and will feature a 2 hour mix from myself. Like always my set will feature the newest and lastest records and some exclusive upfront material. This two hour melodic journey will start at proggy 127 beats per minute and ends with pumping and uplifting 140 BPM tracks.

    Tic Tac Trance #010 on October 11 will feature tunes from artists like: Ferry Tayle, Breakfast & Mike Saint Jules, Robert Vadney (upfront album sample record!), Dave 202, Sundriver, Redstar, Singularity, Coldplay bootleg action and some surprises!

    The show will start at 18 CET / 17 GMT / 12 EST on October 11. Check out your local time HERE!

    You will be able to tune in with these links:

    MP3 Stream 160kbps MP3 – iTunes/Winamp/VLC/RealPlayer/Windows Media/Other
    Ogg Vorbis Stream ~96kbps (Q2) Ogg Vorbis – Winamp/VLC/foobar2000/iTunes/Other
    Ogg Vorbis Stream ~64kbps (Q0) Ogg Vorbis – Winamp/VLC/foobar2000/iTunes/Other
    MP3 Stream 32kbps MP3 – iTunes/Winamp/VLC/RealPlayer/Windows Media/Other
    Ogg Vorbis Stream 32kbps Ogg Vorbis – Winamp/VLC/foobar2000/iTunes/Other

    As you can see I’ve updated the show’s banner and logos. I think this looks now more fresher and brighter.

    Soon I’ll announce what Tic Tac Trance #010 will be about and what hot and exclusive stuff I’ll spin 😉